Without question, having access to a storage unit facility can be exceptionally valuable. However, if you only have the funds to rent a small unit, getting the most out of your unit will be important. Take a look at a few tips below to help you make use of every inch of available space in a small storage unit. 

Plan Ahead as You Prepare to Transition Items to the Storage Facility 

Before you start packing, take some time to think about what you need to store and how you want to organize it. This will help you make the most of your space. It can be helpful to jot down the measurements of the unit you rent at the storage facility. Use this as a reference when picking what will go into the unit so you know exactly what amount of space you will have. 

Make Sure You Pack Boxes and Totes as Tightly As Possible 

If your unit is small, it will be important to make use of every bit of open space, including in the boxes, totes, or other items that will be put inside the unit. As you pack boxes, don't leave any "dead" unfilled space. For example, if you fill a box half full of kitchen items, fill the rest of the box with dish towels, clothing, or other soft items you intend to store. Likewise, if you will be storing furniture or appliances, make use of space inside those items. For instance, a clothes dryer in a storage unit can be filled with blankets inside. 

Use Stackable Bins and Totes for Packing Small Items 

Stackable bins and totes are perfect for storing small items. However, always look for containers that stack well and stack securely. If you have a series of stackable totes, you can easily stack the containers to get the most out of your storage unit. But, if you use boxes, the boxes can be at risk of toppling over if you stack them too high. 

Build Temporary Shelves If Needed and Make Use of Overhead Space 

Most storage facilities have no qualms with renters creating temporary shelving units inside of a rented unit. You can easily make rudimentary storage shelves out of something like concrete cinder blocks and a few pieces of lumber, for instance. Installing shelves will allow you to store items off the ground. However, this can also help you make use of vertical and overhead space. 

Contact a local storage facility to learn more.