When the things that you own eclipse your available in-home storage, it's time to look for a strategy to keep your possessions nearby by not have them take up space in your home. The solution to this dilemma is often to rent a unit at a self-storage facility. Once you've moved all your items into the storage facility, you want to feel confident that they'll remain in optimal condition whenever you go to retrieve them — and this means that they haven't been damaged by rodents. While all reputable self-storage businesses will take steps to keep pests out, you can't guarantee that the owner of a unit adjacent to yours isn't engaging in some behavior that attracts mice to the area. Here are some simple ways to keep mice out of your storage unit.

Don't Store Edible Products

It's imperative that you don't keep any edible products in your storage unit. The scents from food products can attract any mice and other pests in the area. If you're a prolific cook and buy food products in bulk, you might be enticed to keep rice, flour and other products in the unit, as bags of these products can take up space in your home. However, doing so can leave you with a mice problem. Likewise, don't keep any other edible products, such as birdseed or dog food.

Make Sure Your Door's Seal Is Intact

It's possible for the seal at the bottom of your unit's door to get damaged over time. While reputable self-storage services will seek to replace any worn-out seals immediately, the reality is that your seal could get damaged at a certain point without an employee's knowledge. If you notice that the seal is split, cut or even has been bitten by a mouse or other pest, alert a storage facility employee so that the seal can be replaced right away. This is an effective way to keep pests out of your unit.

Use Sonic Devices

While there's no harm in placing mousetraps in your unit if you're concerned about these pests, you likely don't want to have to visit the unit on occasion to check if the traps have caught any mice. A better deterrent approach is to place one or more sonic devices in the unit. These devices emit a high-frequency sound that will discourage mice from attempting to approach your unit. They're typically operated by being plugged into a wall outlet, so make sure that your unit has power.

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