When your company decides they need to relocate you, you may be struggling with how you can afford the moving expenses. Some companies are generous enough to provide you with funds to help pay for relocation, but most of them do not offer this as a benefit. Scrimping and saving may not be the answer either, especially if your company gives you less than two months to pack up and move across the country. Here are three ways you can reduce your out-of-pocket moving expenses.

Community Funding Websites

These websites allow you to set up a "fund me" page that takes donations from family and friends. If you have a lot of family and friends who want to help but live too far away to help you pack and unpack, you can ask them to make a monetary contribution to your moving expenses. Just be sure to ask for a reasonable amount, the amount which you know you cannot come up with on your own and you absolutely have to have to relocate. Posting a community funding page that shows reasonable and acceptable expectations for your moving expenses will encourage others to be more helpful and empathetic to your cause.

Local Churches and Charities

Even if you do not belong to a local church, you can ask them for packing help from one of their outreach ministries. Local charities might be able to provide you with some funds or packing materials to help you on your way. Even food pantries might have some extra boxes that you could get after the food pantries no longer need them. All of these resources will help you reduce your expenses by reducing what you need to pay for packing materials and what you have to have monetarily to pay for the truck, the gas and the mileage.

Arrange a Payment Plan with the Moving Company

When your estimated moving expenses are astronomical, most moving companies are willing to work out some type of payment plan with you. Usually you will need a percentage of the total estimated costs paid up front to hold your truck and any materials you want to purchase from the moving company. Then schedule payments two through whatever with the moving company to be withdrawn on future dates. This will give you adequate time to accumulate money from community funding pages and/or charitable groups without worrying about how to divide up your paychecks. For information on payment and pricing, contact your moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.