Closet space is a wonderful part of a home, but not everyone is blessed with a lot of storage space like this. If your closets are really small in your home, and if this is preventing you from having a clean, organized house, you may want to consider renting a storage unit to help you with this problem. Here are two ideas of things you could place in a storage unit to free up precious closet space.

Clean Up Seasonal Items

Closets are ideal for storing things you do not use every day, but there is no sense in taking up the small amount of closet space you have on clothing and items you will not wear or use for the next six months. Moving your seasonal clothes to a storage shed is an ideal solution for this problem.

During the summer, you could move all your sweaters, jeans, and coats to a storage shed. You could also move winter items, such as mittens, hats, snow pants, and boots. You could also consider moving your Christmas decorations and Halloween supplies to the unit during the summer.

In the winter, you could do the opposite by moving your shorts, tank tops, and flip flops to your storage shed. In addition, you could also move your beach toys and swimming supplies to the unit.

Moving all your seasonal items could open up a lot of space in your closets, but you should make sure you pack the items with care. Clothing, shoes, and decorations should be placed in clear sealed storage containers. These containers will keep the air, bugs, and moisture off your belongings.

Move Out Your Collections

If you have any type of collection taking up closet space in your home, move it out. This is a great way to free up space, especially if you rarely use or look at the collection. Before doing this, make sure you pack the items up in plastic containers for protection, and you can label the containers when you are finished.

You could also consider moving supplies you use for a hobby, such as sewing, reading, or sporting activities. If you rarely use these items but don't want to get rid of them, place them in containers and put them in your storage shed.

By moving these types of items out of your home, you may be surprised by how much space you free up in your closets. To learn more about using a storage unit, contact a facility that offers self-storage units near your home or check out websites like