When it is time for you to move, you can consider moving yourself with a self-hired truck or hiring residential, professional movers. Moving yourself will save you money, but hiring movers will save you time and energy. However, you do need to know what to do to prepare your house for movers.

First, LABEL everything. You want to label every room and hallway with an unique name. The movers then just write the name of the room on each box, so that when they arrive in your new home the boxes can be correctly placed in the room. And once the room is cleaned out, then you should take the label with you to place on the new room in your new home, so that the movers can see where the boxes and furniture will go.

You'll also want to label when items are fragile so that they are packed differently and marked accordingly. And you'll want to consider that very fragile and/or precious items probably should travel with you, if that is possible. Thus, those items should be marked as "do not pack", so that the movers won't worry about them.

Last, you'll also want to label individual items of furniture as belonging in specific rooms of the new house. That will help movers to place your things correctly. If any of your furniture or boxes are going into storage, those too need to be clearly labeled so that the movers can separate those things from the things going to your new home.

Second, before they come, PACK and set aside anything you're going to need with you for a few days. You'll need to have enough  clothing and food for whatever amount of time you'll be without the rest of your home. Be sure to pack what you need for children and pets, as well.

Third, Stay Out of Their Way. Movers know what they're doing and if you've labeled what you want to have done, you may need to just stand back. Movers won't be going through drawers in furniture that is moving; they'll just tuck stabilizing paper in them and pick up the whole piece for loading on the truck. Movers need to be able to maneuver without you worrying them about the small things. After they've cleared a room, then is the time for you to go in and look things over, to ensure that nothing has been forgotten and to see about cleaning the room. Hiring a residential moving service relieves you of almost all other duties.