When you think about renting a self-storage unit, you might not think about choosing a unit that will provide comfort. However, a heated self-storage unit might still be exactly what you need. Although some items can be stored just fine inside a non-heated unit, there are many situations in which a climate-controlled self-storage unit should be your number one choice. These are a few signs that this is the best type of storage unit for you.

1. You're Going to Be Storing Items All Year Long

Since heated storage units do generally cost more than non-heated units, you shouldn't rent one if you don't need it. For example, if you will only be storing items for a few months when the weather is mild, there is really no reason to look for a heated self-storage unit. However, if you are going to be storing items all year long, you're probably better off choosing a unit that will work year-round, including in the cold winter months.

2. Your Items Could Be Affected by Moisture

Many people don't realize that their items should be kept in climate-controlled storage. Although you might know that liquids will obviously need to be kept above freezing, for example, you might not realize that artwork should be kept in a better climate as well. The truth is that below-freezing temperatures can cause condensation and excessive moisture, which can damage a lot of items that are commonly stored in self-storage units. You will probably want to keep furniture, electronics, artwork and other similar items in heated storage. Consider whether you would be upset if your items got wet. If you wouldn't mind -- such as if you are storing exercise equipment -- then you might not need heated self-storage. If you fear that moisture would damage your items, however, you will probably want to opt for heated self-storage units instead.

3. You Will Be Spending a Lot of Time in Your Unit

Along with thinking about the safety and condition of your stored items, you also have to think about yourself. If you will be spending a lot of time in your storage unit, such as if you plan on spending time going through things, then you might want to opt for heated self-storage. Then, you won't have to worry about being uncomfortable while you're in your unit.

There are a lot of different storage unit options out there, so you have to focus on choosing the one that is right for you. With the information here, you might find that heated self-storage is your best option.