Whether you're struggling to find space for holiday decorations, summer recreational items, or thick winter clothing, it's a good idea to make use of a storage unit. By renting a storage unit, you can free up space at home and keep seasonal items stored away safely until you need them.

By getting familiar with how to organize the storage unit as best as possible and looking into what kinds of preparations you should make before storing, you can ensure that everything is in good condition all year long.

Clean and Dry Off Items Before Storing

Summer items such as swimsuits, a surfing board, or sandcastle equipment are all going to become dirty and wet from frequent use, so it's important to have everything dried and cleaned before going into a storage unit. The same can be said for winter items such as a snowboard or heavy boots, making it a good idea to remain conscious of the damage that could be done from sitting moisture.

Always Use Climate Control

Along with drying off all of your items before placing in storage, it's crucial that you choose a storage facility that offers climate control. Keeping your items free of mold requires everything to be dry before being put into storage and having climate control to help with moisture from outside.  

Donate or Toss Unwanted Items

Preparing to place seasonal items in storage is a fantastic opportunity to sort through your items and see if there's anything you no longer need. Many people hold onto items far longer than they're useful, so it's helpful to figure out if anything should be donated or thrown away to provide more space in your storage unit.

Use Stackable Storage Containers

To make the most of your storage unit, it's helpful to choose storage containers that can safely be stacked. While cardboard boxes may be affordable, they can't support the weight of being stacked properly.

Load the Storage Unit Appropriately

When you arrive at the storage facility, it's important that you carefully load the unit with items that are going to be used last in the very back. Keeping items you'll need to access more often in the front can ensure that visiting your storage unit is a stress-free experience.

Organizing a self-storage unit with seasonal items requires some planning, but by doing so you can provide more space inside of your home. By considering the tips above, you'll be able to store away seasonal items without any problems. Talk to storage unit rentals like U S Storage Inc for more information.