If you're like a lot of people, using a storage unit (such as those offered by Epic Group Inc) can be a relief. You can finally move items out of your home and into a dedicated space where they won't be in the way. However, in your excitement, you may pack up a bunch of things and just put them into the unit. Proper organization, however, can help you remember what you have in the unit. Not only that, but good organization can help you get to certain items quickly when you need them. Use the following tips to help keep your unit neat and organized.

Only Take Items You Want

Avoid using your storage unit as a garbage bin, or place to store things you aren't sure about. You are going to be paying for the space, so don't clutter it with items that you don't even want there. One of the best ways to keep your unit organized is to start with only items you know that you really want to keep.

Plan Layout

Before you even get to the storage unit, sit down and make a plan of the layout you envision for the storage unit. You can draw a diagram on a piece of notebook paper. Simply draw a rectangle to depict the unit itself, and mark out where different things will go. This way you have some idea of how to unload things into the unit, instead of just dumping things inside of it.

If your layout plan doesn't work out as you thought it would, for whatever reason, make changes to your diagram. That way, you can leave your diagram in the unit itself, so when you visit you remember where everything is.

Label Boxes Properly

You may think you'll remember what is in boxes, but the truth is that you're very likely to forget exactly what is in every box. Labeling will ensure that you can find what you need to find quickly.

Try not to use vague descriptors such as "kitchen" or "master bedroom". Be as specific as you can about the contents of the box, so that you don't have to go looking through a number of boxes to get to what you're looking for. Be sure that when you put boxes into the storage unit, you can see the labels clearly.

When you use the pointers in this article, your unit is sure to be better organized. That will help you to get to the things you need, and remember what you have.