If you're quickly running out of space to store your possessions, or have recently inherited a houseful of items from a deceased parent or other relative, you may have considered renting an off-site storage unit. However, reports of theft and break-ins may have you wary. Is there any way to ensure the safety of your items when they are no longer in your possession? Read on to learn more about secured storage units and the features you can expect from these facilities. 

Aren't all storage units secure?

Although most self-storage rental units are located in high-traffic areas with bright lights and security cameras to monitor the perimeter, break-ins can still happen. In some cases, break-ins may be random; but in others, would-be burglars who observe you making frequent stops at the unit or unload valuable items may target your unit specifically. If you keep valuable possessions in your storage unit, you may want to invest in several extra layers of security. 

What features are available to provide extra security? 

In some cases, you may be able to garner additional safeguards by simply upgrading to a different unit -- while in others, you can add your own protective measures.

  • Alarmed units

Many self-storage facilities will now include a certain number of units equipped with burglar alarms and electronic monitoring. These units are designed to emit a shrill, loud alarm if anyone attempts entry without entering the proper security code. Some alarmed units may also be connected to local law enforcement, notifying the police if the door to your unit is breached.

  • Wireless security cameras

If you aren't sure of the location of the facility's security cameras, or wish to be able to see inside your unit at any given time, you may wish to install a wireless or Bluetooth-activated security camera to the door or interior wall of your storage unit. Many of these cameras can be configured to be viewable from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that you can keep a watchful eye on your possessions at any time, from any location.

  • Selective placement of valuable items

If the self-storage facility you've chosen is otherwise secure, it is likely that any would-be burglar will be the "crash and grab" variety. These types of robberies involve the breaching of one or more storage units while the burglars quickly grab whatever may be of value and run. By placing any valuables in the back of your unit, or hiding them under less valuable items, you can substantially diminish the likelihood of having these specific items stolen.

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